Summer is almost here!

Well Hello,

Here we are, June. With almost a year over it’s easy to take a moment to be retrospective about this year. It’s not often enough that we take a moment in our days to stop and be still. Our day to day activities such as work, caring for our families and just making ends meet takes so much of our time and focus. Our constant busy mode costs us our moments…

Promise yourself today that you will take a moment. Take a moment to marvel in your children. Take a moment to savour your life and all who are in it. Take a moment to remember past accomplishments and future dreams. Take a moment to see that our children watch us and learn from us from our actions, and moments. Time together counts.

Thinking back to an amazing year, watching people grow and overcome challenges, celebrating successes with staff and students and working together towards a common goal, I feel a deep and lasting pride about the school and all who are in it. I am so lucky to watch parents and teachers deeply invested in the development of young people. Seeing encouragement offered from Gator to Gator make this such amazing place to be.

Looking forward, I anticipate a strong finish to the year with exams coming and report cards not far behind. I wish a fond farewell to our grade 9s, we are proud of you and wish you well in high school, once a Gator always a Gator. To our returning students and families I wish you all a safe and wonderful break to spend time enjoying, exploring and relaxing together… building our days a moment at a time.

Have a wonderful summer

Dr. Jackson




Our awards ceremony will be held tomorrow, June 30, at 7:00 p.m. in the gym. 
On Friday the 31st, report cards will be given out to the students at 8:00 a.m. and will be let out of the classroom at 9:00 a.m.