Welcome to Lorne Akins Junior High School

Welcome back to all of our new and former students, staff, and parents - all members of the Lorne Akins ‘Gator Family’. Together we will endeavor to learn to live and to live to learn within the common sense rules and relationships of a big family. Being a Lorne Akins Gator means being respectful of one’s self and all other stakeholders who join together to ensure that the 600 or so days of Junior High School are valuable academically, socially, athletically, and in the service of others.

Learning occurs along various pathways at Lorne Akins. Whether through formal instruction in the core and complementary classes, by joining clubs, being on teams, or becoming involved in the leadership of activities and events here at L.A., students learn how to think and how to organize their time and materials to prepare themselves for success in school and in life. Students will learn to connect rights to responsibilities and privileges to obligations. Ultimately we want students to understand that the will to prepare to learn is often more important than the will to learn and that learning habits are formed through preparation, perseverance, and repetition, rather than just showing up at school. This is what we mean when we say that ‘Learning is Job 1 at Lorne Akins’.

Thumps of the Gator tail go out to our first line educators, the parents. We appreciate it when they check agendas for daily entries, marks, and assignments, when they sign and return mark charts, read report cards, fill out surveys, browse the newsletter, pursue homework-on-line, attend interviews, support extracurricular activities, volunteer, and just plain stay in touch with subject-area teachers and their T.A.’s.

Please take some time to explore our site and see what our school can offer you!



Announcements-AM March 26th - Day 4

Grade 9’s - remember to get your high school registrations into Mr. Dorn.  Registrations are due by Thursday March 26.

-Have a little time on your hands during Spring Break?  Spend it building big biceps and designing your costume for “Be Your Favourite Fictional Character Day” Thursday, April 9.  This will also be the first day of our annual Lorne Akins T.A. Tug of War.  Will it be Sponge Bob vs Katniss?

-There will be a Gr. 7 Girls Badminton Practice afterschool on Tuesday, April 7th.

-All Grade 9's - CHOMP Council will be holding the first farewell dance meeting on Tuesday, April 7th at lunch.  If you would like to have a say in the theme, you must attend.

-The Lost and found has been put out on tables!  Please have a look for your lost belongings.  All items not picked up will be bagged up Wednesday evening and donated.

Today at Lunch

 Gator catch up, Intramurals - Free shooting

Today After school

Arena Style Parent Teacher Interviews 5-8 p.m.