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Lorne Akins Main Calendar

Approved District Calendar for 2016-2017

Homework Calendars

These homework calendars are maintained by student representatives from each core class. If there appear to be any missing entries or you have any questions, please consult your study-buddy or phone a Teacher at the school.

Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9

Core 7-1
Core 7-2
Core 7-3
Core 7-4
Core 7-5

Core 8-1
Core 8-2
Core 8-3
Core 8-4
Core 8-5

Core 9-1
Core 9-2
Core 9-3
Core 9-4
Core 9-5
Core 9-6


If you are experiencing any technical difficulties with the homework calendars, please contact Al Nichol at the school either through Email or phone.

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