CTF Industrial Arts/Home Economics 7

Fee: $35 (Full Year)

This CTF course provides students with the opportunity to spend a half-year in Foods & Fashions and a half-year in Industrial Arts. In Foods & Fashion students will complete one module in Foods and one module in Sewing. Students will be making a variety of cookies such as the Ultimate Chocolate Chip cookie, Double Butterscotch chip cookies, Gingersnaps, Sugar Cookies, Christmas cookies, mini-donut muffins, French Toast Muffins, Banana chocolate chip muffins, Homemade fluffy pancakes, as well as hand sewing a stuffy or pillow of your choice. In Industrial Arts, students will complete modules in drafting and safety, then choose from modules in woodwork, metalwork, pottery, pinhole photography, leatherwork, graphics and aeronautics. The course fee covers the cost of materials for I.A. and Foods. Students will be required to purchase material for their sewing projects and in I.A. students who wish to complete large projects or ones that require specialized materials may incur a supplemental fee for supplies.