CTF Home Economics 9: Foods & Fashion

Fee: $35 (Full Year)

This CTF course is offered to students who would like to try both Foods and Sewing. One of the highlights of the Foods component is a Food Truck Module that has students design and present a Food Truck Model, including themed menu and ending with an on-site field trip with students engaging and participating with Local Food Truck businesses. In the rest of the course students will make homemade pizza, apple crisp, chocolate Belgian waffles, cream puffs, French toast, S’more Cookie cups, Macaroni Cups, Soups, Chicken with lemon, Potato & Corn Chowder, Minestrone & pasta soups and homemade perogies. In sewing, students will sew a rag quilt for their sewing project or they may sew a hoodie or project suited to their skill level. Sewing machines will be used to complete these projects. They will also choose a “stuffy” or pillow to hand-sew. Students will be required to purchase supplies for their sewing projects.