Fit For Life 9

(Full Year)

Fit for Life challenges the physical, social, and mental fitness of learners as they pursue a broad range of sports, games, and athletic pursuits. Whether it’s a Team Triathlon, Tennis, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Rugby, Gaelic or Aussie Rules football, students will learn the physical skills, game strategies and positive social attributes that are needed to accompany competitive co-ed activities and recreational sports.

Students will swim, run, bike, curl, bowl, dance, and tackle traditional indoor sports like Ice Hockey, Floor Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, and Badminton and not so traditional games such as Tchoukball and Sepak Takraw. Leadership opportunities will involve peer teaching experiences in Basketball and Track and Field, running an elementary school track meet, and putting on a “fun day” for pre-school children.

Grade 9 students have the option to join a Mountain Biking trail ride in Jasper National Park. This overnight trip features the thrill of biking on some of Canada’s most scenic trails. Side trips to the Jasper Aquatic Centre and Miette Hot springs provide relaxation and relief for tired muscles!

If you are prepared to put forth your best effort and be changed out for every class, are a good leader /listener, value co-operation and good sportsmanship, then F.F.L. is the place to be !!! Fees will be charged for off-site field trips