Student Achievement

Learning to Live ~ Living to Learn

Learning is “Job 1” at Lorne Akins Junior High School.


Three report cards will be issued at Lorne Akins as follows:


Report Card 1 Thursday, January 24, 2019
Report Card 2 Friday, June 28, 2019





Marks Calculations

Three formal report cards are issued at Lorne Akins throughout the year. Each term, computer generated student averages are printed at the bottom of each report card. This is an overall, weighted average of all core and complementary courses, giving a good snapshot of each student's progress. The following chart illustrates how the student averages are calculated:

Reporting Periods 1-3 and Final Overall "Student Average" Calculation


On the June report card, final course marks are calculated based on the following weightings:

Individual Subject "Final Grade" Calculations


Final Exams

In May and June the grade nines will write Alberta Provincial Achievement Tests in all academic core subjects (Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts). At these times, grade seven and eight students will write school-based final exams in the same academic core subjects. Our Gator School Council and staff believe that the writing of final exams assesses cumulative competence over the year in a given subject and also prepares students for this important skill needed in the senior high school years. Consequently, all Lorne Akins students write all final exams.


Lorne Akins recognizes success, improvement, and excellence in the academic, behavioral, community service, and athletic aspects of our junior high school life.

      A - Achievement (measured)

      P - Positive relations (students, staff, community)

      P - Punctuality and attendance (on time, on task)

      L - Learning (styles, approaches - top priority)

      E - Effort (motivation, incentives, rewards)


Some examples of the recognition system include office visits for “caught being good”, “high five” pizza lunch and pins for academic improvement, outstanding effort awards, and small prizes; e.g. Gator Bucks (vouchers for the Gator Store) for success and improvement. Honours and High-Five Award winners will have their names on display.

On a more formal basis, an Awards Night in June recognizes long-term excellence in the specific areas of academics, service, athletics, and complementary course work.

Academic Awards

Honours Award

Awarded to all students who have achieved an 80% average or higher in the four core subjects, physical education and all three options.

Highest Final Exam Results

An award for the top student(s) on all final core course exams in all grades.

Most Improved Student Award

Awarded to students in each grade, usually one boy and one girl, who have shown the greatest improvement in both academics and behaviour during the year.

Service Awards

Special Service Awards

Given to students who have helped to organize and run school activities.

Outstanding Service Award

Given to one male and one female student from any grade, usually from grade nine, who have given exceptional time and energy to school activities. While volunteering and carrying out these activities, these students have helped to build and maintain a positive attitude among fellow students.

Citizenship Award

Given to one male and one female from grade nine who have shown outstanding leadership, achieved to the best of his/her ability and provided a role model for other students.

Athletic Awards


Given to those students who have participated on three or more school teams.

Outstanding Athletic Achievement

Given to one male and one female student at each grade who have the highest point totals for participating in school sports demonstrating ability, leadership and sportsmanship.


Given to one male and one female, usually in grade nine, who have displayed outstanding sportsmanship