Attendance and Late Policy

Regular attendance and punctuality are necessary ingredients for success at school. Illness or other unavoidable circumstances are excusable absences. It is important for parents to assist the school by encouraging regular attendance and phoning in to report excusable absences. We track student attendance and punctuality twice a day. Students are responsible for catching up on work missed during an absence. All students are asked to select a “study buddy” from their math class. This person will act as an information source regarding core homework and assignments if students are absent from school.

Procedures are as follows:

  1. Twice daily, a record of student absences and lates are forwarded to the office by the teacher advisors.
  2. A record is kept by the secretarial staff.
  3. Students are expected to be punctual. Those who are late will be subject to these actions:
    • discussion with T.A. about punctuality.
    • after-school detention at teacher or administrator’s discretion.
    • communication to parents by the T.A. or administration for excessive lates. Student participation in activities such as dances, teams, clubs and special days is contingent upon punctuality.
    • habitual lateness will be dealt with initially by the teacher advisor, with further follow-up by administration.
  4. Students who arrive late must sign in at the office and pick up a late slip or they will be marked absent.
  5. A phone call to advise the school of student illness, medical/dental appointments, etc. is required. Our secretaries will contact parents regarding any students who are absent without prior notification.

Parents: a telephone message recording service is activated after regular school hours; please call (780) 460-3728 to record an excusable absence. Be sure to:

  1. Identify yourself
  2. Identify student (full name)
  3. Identify the student’s ID number
  4. Give details of the excusable absence
  5. Recognition is given to students for exemplary attendance and punctuality (see APPLE explanation).

Students Leaving School During The Day

Occasionally it is necessary for students to leave school during the school day. Reasons such as medical appointments (doctor or dentist) should be indicated on a note from parent(s), to be shown to the teacher involved at the time of the student’s departure. The student must then “sign out” at the office and present this note to one of the office staff.

Students who fall ill or sustain injuries during the day are asked to remain in the infirmary unless there is a medical emergency.

Extended Vacations

Many families in St. Albert enjoy holidays that result in the loss of school time. While we believe that travel is important to one’s overall education, we require that students be responsible for catching up on work missed. In the event that a student will miss exams, special arrangements must be made in advance. Only illness or bereavement (confirmed by parent) are acceptable reasons for missing final examinations in June: any such absences must be confirmed directly with the Principal. Please try not to schedule holidays during the last 10 school days, or in May for the Language Arts written exam. Check the calendar of events for dates of these exams.