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Principal's Message

Hi Kids great news (probably more for your parents haha),

We have been working tirelessly at Akins developing education robots to go to your house and teach you, help you with homework and do your bidding. Actually, we didn’t, we don’t know how to do that and the robots would likely make us their slaves...

What we do have, is a soft rollout for March 30th for a plan that I am feeling pretty good about. It will involve Google Suite, primarily Google Classroom and Google Hangouts. This is called a soft rollout-meaning we are still likely going to have a few glitches and speed bumps along the way. The key part of a rollout is to get feedback from you! Tell us what is working or not, what seems confusing or clear and how you see we can make it better. We will keep making adjustments as we hear back from you. Just to remind you this will not be happening until we get a few more things off the ground (March 30) and teachers finish setting up your classes.

We are going to update our website and inform everyone later today, and probably add a few things I hope you will like. Before we do that, I wanted you to be the first to know :)

GTG, I have been working on a principal robot to do my work so I can crush some Netflix. Take Care Kids, enjoy family over spring break and we will “talk” soon.

Dr. J
Lorne Akins Junior High School